Raila: I have no link to any reshuffle in Uhuru’s cabinet

ODM leader Raila Odinga
Opposition chief Raila Odinga has refuted claims that he has a hand in any future changes in Cabinet.

Instead, Raila described such reports as malicious, retrogressive, diversionary and meant to undermine the war on graft, while failing to take cognisance of the interest of the Kenyan people.

Through his spokesman Dennis Onyango, the former prime minister said such reports were aimed at putting the country back on the tired path of personalising and politicising the war on corruption.

“The Building Bridges Initiative has identified that path to have been the biggest impediment to Kenya’s war on corruption, as it enables crooks to hide under political parties, communities and behind individuals to get away with their loot,” he said in a statement to The Standard.

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This is after a report indicated that a major reshuffle that could affect a number of Cabinet and principal secretaries whose ministries have been adversely mentioned in corruption is on the cards.

Cosmetic changes

President Uhuru Kenyatta, in his recent tough talk, seems to put his foot down on runaway corruption, and set the tone for the legacy leg of his presidency.

“Raila (is) committed to aiding the war on corruption from a wide and common front to remove any sanctuary where perpetrators can seek refuge as spelt out in the building bridges to the new Kenyan nation,” he said.

His lieutenant and National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee chairman Opiyo Wandayi said there should be no cosmetic changes in the war on corruption.

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“Reshuffling corrupt officers is simply to engage in a game of musical chairs. Any person associated with corruption, however remotely, should not even wait to be sacked," he said.

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