Son kills his parents and neighbour in domestic row

Villagers gather at the home of David Nasieunda. Nasieunda alongside his wife, Grace Akot, and neighbour Joseph Masafu were attacked and killed by their son, Yusuf Sieunda on Tuesday evening.
Four people died in Siritanyi village, Kanduyi constituency when a young man attacked his parents on Tuesday evening.

Yusuf Sieunda, 25, is said to have attacked his mother, Grace Akot, with a club hitting her on the head and killing her instantly.

A neighbor, Joseph Masafu, is said to have come to rescue Grace after he heard screams and was attacked by Yusuf with the same club also killing him.

Yusuf is later said to have trailed his father, David Nasieunda, who was about 100 metres away attending to his farm and attacked him with the club.

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Nasieunda died while receiving treatment at the Bungoma West Hospital in Kanduyi.

Villagers are said to have been angry with Yusuf who had fled and taken refuge in a nearby church and was flushed out by the public who descended on him killing him on the spot.

Daniel Wabwile, a villager, said the young man was seemingly high on drugs and was walking around with a club challenging anybody to a fight.

Wabwile said the incident happened immediately after a heavy rain had pounded the area.

“He looked like he was high on something and was walking through the village with a club threatening people and we were forced to keep distance,” he said.

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Wabwile said the young man was usually reserved and had just graduated with a diploma from a Bungoma-based college and his parents had suspected him of using drugs.

He said the young man was summoned by his parents for counseling on Sunday where he admitted that he was using bhang.

“His parents had noticed strange behaviour in him and had called him on Sunday for counseling where he admitted to have been using bhang,” he said.

Wabwile said after committing the act, Yusuf fled to a nearby church where he hid himself behind the altar but the villagers flushed him out where they beat him to death.

Julia Nasimiyu, Joseph Masafu’s widow, said she saw her husband being attacked by the young man and tried to intervene but she was pushed away and threatened with physical harm.

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Nasimiyu said she retreated after realizing that the young man was determined to harm anyone who got in his way.

“He shouted that he would kill anyone who would dare go near him and he pushed me away when I tried to intervene. This was a polite boy I knew while he was growing up and his actions have really stunned us,” she said.

Musikoma MCA, George Makari, said there had been an increase in drug abuse in the area among the youth and called on the security agencies to tackle the menace.

Makarii said both the National and County governments need to move with speed and develop programs that would rid the area of drugs and keep the youth away from drugs.

Bungoma South Deputy OCPD, Aloys Orioki, confirmed the incident saying it was a case of drug abuse as the young man did not have any dispute with the family.

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The bodies of deceased are lying at the Bungoma County Referral Hospital mortuary.

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