South Africa court adjourns Zuma corruption case to June 8

 Former South African president Jacob Zuma appeared in court over corruption case.
Former South African president Jacob Zuma appeared in court on Friday to face corruption charges relating to a 2.5 billion dollars arms deal, later telling a crowd he would be proven innocent in the long-running case that resurfaced after his fall from power.

Zuma’s transition from “Mr. President” to “Accused Number One” in less than two months is a significant setback for the 75-year-old, whose nine years in office were marked by economic stagnation and credit downgrades.

He faces 16 charges including fraud, racketeering and money laundering.

In a procedural appearance that lasted less than 15 minutes, state prosecutors and Zuma’s lawyers asked the Durban High Court to adjourn the case until June 8 so both sides could prepare submissions. Judge Themba Sishi approved the request.

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A potential trial would take several more months to prepare.

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