Raila issues stern warning to land grabbers in Nairobi

NASA leader Raila Odinga. [Photo: Courtesy]
Opposition leader Raila Odinga has issued a stern warning to land grabbers in Nairobi.

Addressing residents of Kijiji slum in Lang’ata where a fire broke out last week, Raila vowed that no one will be allowed to eject people from the area.

Speaking on Sunday, the people’s president alleged that there was a plot to grab the land by private developers to invest in the area.

The National Super Alliance (NASA) leader said that when he was a legislator, he built good homes for people in Kibera but the Jubilee Government does not focus on service delivery.

NASA leader Raila Odinga assured the Kijiji residents that they will re-occupy their spaces and warned land grabbers eyeing the piece of land. [Photo: Elvis Ogina, Standard]

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Raila donated iron sheets, mattresses and blankets to the fire victims.

The raging fire that swept across the slum opposite Southlands in Lang’ata claimed four lives and left more than 6,000 homeless.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga addresses residents of the Kijiji slum at the Ngei Primary School when he toured the area. [Photo: Elvis Ogina, Standard]
Raila in his own words:

"Vijana wa Lang’ata tumekuja kusema pole kwa waadhirika...wale ambao walipoteza wenzao. Tunajua mmeadhirika sana …tumeleta mattresses, blanketi na vitu vingine kusaidia.

"Hii ilikuwa ni njama, kuna watu waliohusika kwa sababu wanataka kunyakua hii ardhi hapa ili wajenge majengo yao. Na tunajua wao walipanga hio njama na wengine. Tunataka kutoa onyo kali hapa! Mimi nilikuwa mbunge na mimi ni mbunge bado...nataka kutoa onyo kwa wale wako na njama ya kunyakua ardhi hapa..washindwe, haitakubalika.

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"Haitakubalika kutoa watu wetu hapa ..kuwapeleka kwenye baridi na wewe unakuja kunyakua ardhi hapa. Nikiwa waziri nilifanya maendeleo na Wakenya mnajua nilileta slum upgrading programme.

"Hakuna maendeleo yoyote Jubilee itaweza kuleta katika taifa letu ata wakikaa miaka mia moja, hakuna kitu wanaweza kukifanya.

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju speaking on BBC's Hardtalk show on Thursday (February 8, 2018) said that Raila’s ‘oath of office’ on Januray 30 was irrelevant and should not be taken seriously.

“We have seen that before, it’s nothing to write home about. Raila’s swearing-in was child’s play. We are dealing with a very desperate man and this is his last chance to redeem himself. The swearing-in does not challenge the legitimacy of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election,” said Tuju.

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Tuju, a cabinet nominee without a portfolio, also accused Raila of masterminding violence for his own gain while plunging some parts of the country into chaos.

“Raila is a nuisance. He is always trying to have rallies in the City Centre... Most of the people who go these rallies are essentially from his ethnic community."

He said it was unfortunate that most politicians mobilise their ethnic communities and become warlords after which they harass their rivals.

“I have never known somebody violent as he is. In his own area of Luo Nyanza where he comes from there is a lot of violence in the political process - a lot of rigging in the political process. People in Kisumu do not have a chance to vote freely,” he indicated.

Tuju further pointed out that deaths during the election period were seen in the Opposition areas, the strongholds of Raila.

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On the shutting down of TV stations, Tuju said that the media has become defiant and ‘big-headed’ because of the freedom it enjoys.

He also pointed out that some journalists are affiliated to the Opposition and therefore report irresponsibly.

“TV stations are enjoying the monopoly that I think the communications authority in the UK will not even allow. They control 70 percent of the viewership and 80 percent of the advertising revenues. For that reason they have become a little bit big-headed.

“During the digital migration agenda about a year ago, they shut themselves down for one month acting as spoilt children, throwing tantrums and this they do all the time. They are an extension of the Opposition. There are many journalists who have contested before for political seats as Opposition candidates then when they lose in the primaries they go back to the media houses,” Tuju stated.

Asked about the death of Chris Msando, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) ICT Director murdered just before the August polls, Tuju said the Government was surprised that he was in a night club before he met his death.

“Msando had reported the previous year that his life was in danger, we were surprised he was in a night club until midnight alone without his security,” said Tuju.

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