Support Kenya's cricketers in their match against Hong Kong

After beating Hong Kong in a World Cricket League Championships (WCLC) in Nairobi on Friday, the Kenya team will be hoping for a repeat performance against the same team today.

The second match starts at 9.30 this morning at Gymkhana Grounds and Kenya needs to post another win to improve on its chances of making it to the World Cup qualifiers in Bangladesh in 2018.

To write that Kenya is on a sticky wicket in the cricketing world is an understatement because the country has been on a downward spiral and that is why it has to participate in WCLC matches, otherwise if its fortunes were better, the route to the 2019 World Cup would have been shorter.

But it is not all doom and gloom considering that this is the second time in as many months that foreign teams have converged on Nairobi after a four-year hiatus when Kenya got blacklisted for security reasons.

This bodes well for cricket players in many ways as it is bound to make Kenyans start appreciating the game again, and also boost the morale of cricketers who must be supported in all ways possible so that can Kenya regain its lost glory.

Thus, it is incumbent upon fans to come out in their thousands to cheer on Team Kenya against Hong Kong today.

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