Rogue animal feeds dealers put on notice

Rogue animal feeds importers and dealers have been warned against flouting the guidelines on the manufacture of the products.

Speaking to players in the industry, Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director Charles Ongwae, said that animals feeds were expected to meet the guidelines in the KS 2543: 2014 Code of Practice.

Among some of the highlights in the code include being able to demonstrate capacity to manufacture, comply with supervision and control for animal feeds and compliance with the Standardisation Mark certification scheme.

Traders also need to be incorporated by the Registrar of Companies and maintain records of the certificate of analysis of raw materials from country of origin. They shall maintain records of finished products and demonstrate unique identification for traceability of products.

Ongwae said that an Act of Parliament to regulate the importation, manufacture and sale of animal foodstuffs and substances came into operation last year and players should adhere to it.