25 students rushed to hospital over cholera scare in Nakuru where the disease has killed 15 people

Students from Mama Ngina Kenyatta Secondary school in Rongai Nakuru County wait for treatment outside Langalanga dispensary in Nakuru after they were rushed to the hospital with chlorella symptoms.[PHOTO: BONIFACE THUKU/STANDARD]

NAKURU: 25 students from Mama Ngina Secondary School in Rongai Sub County, Nakuru were rushed to Langa Langa cholera treatment centre after they complained of severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

However, doctors at the facility who carried rapid laboratory tests confirmed the students had suffered food poisoning and not cholera.

Nakuru County experiencing upsurge in number of reported cholera cases with 15 people reported dead due to the infection and over 150 people treated at various hospitals in the county.

Deputy Director of health in Nakuru County Dr Daniel Wainanaina said the centre conducted rapid tests and laboratory examinations and found the children had furred food poisoning.

A section of the students are also said to have vomited at night immediately after taking supper at the school around 8pm while 10 students had complained of severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

"The children were attended at cholera rescue centre with severe abdominal pain and diarrhoea, but none was found to have cholera after rapid examinations," said Dr Wainaina.

Dr Wainanina said the hospital is treating the students with food poisoning and that their condition is stable.

The county has also sent public health officers to collect food samples at the school and inspect the kitchen.

Dr Wainaina, also chairman of cholera case management in the County said the number of accumulated infection reported in the past one month has increased to 207 with a total of more than 16 deaths.

Among the most affected areas according to him include Nakuru West and Nakuru East, Kihoto area in Naivasha Sub County and Bahati with the disease having also spread Mogotio, border of Nakuru and Baringo counties.

"Mogotio has reported 20 cases whose root cause if believed to be consumption of dirty water from river Molo," he said.

The doctor added that Nakuru health department is collaborating with Baringo to ensure the disease is contained.

More than 670 primary and secondary schools in the county have been supplied with toilet disinfectants and hand washing facilities.

Residents have partly blamed the raw sewage flowing into residential homes during the current heavy rains for the outbreak.

The disease was first reported in Kaptembwa, Ponda Mali, Kiti, Kenlands and Kwa Rhoda areas within Nakuru town.