End female genital mutilation culture in West Pokot

The outdated female genital mutilation pratice in West Pokot has led to widespread early marriages. Young girls undergo public ridicule if they do not get the cut.

Recently in Endough ward in Kapenguria constituency, eight young schoolgirls were forced to undergo the practice secretly. Two of them bled seriously and one eventually died.

This backward, retrogressive and dark culture should be discarded.

As much as the Government is fighting hard to end terror, banditry and other social crimes, it should also be informed that FGM is posing a great threat to the lives of young girls. The law established to fight this practice in 2011 should be applied.

It is also suspected that parents of the victims induce local leaders to sanction the practice. Despite spirited efforts by NGOs to curb the menace, little has been done by the Government to end it.

This retrogressive culture should be buried as we make strides towards civilisation and respect of the rule of law.

{Samuel Lopuo, Kapenguria}