Survey: 87 percent of Kenyans oppose abortion on demand

NAIROBI, KENYA: Central Kenya has the highest level of acceptance for abortion on demand compared to other regions of the country according to findings of a recent study.

The study conducted by Ipsos Kenya for the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) shows that at 14 percent of respondents in Central support abortion on demand compared to 12 percent in North Eastern and 11 percent Nairobi.

The study seemed to confirm a perception that a significant proportion of Kenyans do not support abortion with 87 percent of respondents saying they do not support abortion on demand.

Nine percent of interviewees indicated that they were not opposed to expectant mothers requesting for termination of pregnancy.

Of those who support abortion on demand, five percent specified that it is sometimes they would tolerate when the life of the mother is in danger.

Majority of those who support abortion on demand live in urban areas (10 percent).

The study entitled Perceptions towards Abortion and Homosexuality in Kenya also got a feedback that majority of Kenyans are not aware of people within their communities who practice Homosexuality.