Free general Smith Mutara, Congolese Diaspora group plead

Major General Smith Mutara Gihanga. [Courtesy]

The East African Congolese Diaspora have petitioned their government to release General Smith Mutara who is detained at the Katanga Military prison.

They want the government of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to release or charge Mutara who was arrested on August 23 in Lubumbashi over allegations of minerals smuggling.

The officials condemned the arrest of Mutara saying that the move is politically instigated.

“We strongly condemn the injustices done in the case of the alleged diversion of 120 tons of Copper cathodes in Upper Katanga,’’ said Mr Abdallah Masudi, one of the officials of East African Congolese Diaspora.

He spoke at a media briefing in Nairobi.

“We would like to categorically state that Mutara is a loyal soldier with immense experience and has risen through the ranks to attain his current position through sheer hard work and dedication to serve the people Congo in security matters in 30 years,’’ they said.

The East Africa Congolese Diaspora reiterated that the other alleged perpetrators have been freed of the criminal act.

“We denounce this injustice because other alleged perpetrators including the Honorary Minister of the interior of Upper Katanga Erick Muta, the Redoc Sebastien and his Opj Philippe, the Governor of Upper Katanga Mr Kyabula are in complete freedom and freely moving,” said Masudi

“This is why we demand the prosecution of everyone because every citizen has the right to a fair trial,” Masudi.

The group expressed their dissatisfaction with the government of Congo for keeping the General in communicado and denied the right to access his advocate, medical care, and family visits.

Masudi appealed to DRC government to launch an investigation of the proceeds so that the perpetrators or offenders are known.

They appealed to President Felix Tshisekedi to intervene in the matter as he has the power and influence to restore the rule of law and fight against impunity in the DRC.

“Your Excellency, we appeal to you as guarantor of the Nation and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces to personally get involved for the restoration of a rule of law and fight against impunity and justice must be done,’’ Masudi said.

They advised President Tshisekedi not to be misled by executioners who advocates discrimination in the management of public affairs, because no good governance when people are weakened and injustice takes root.