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Jomo Kenyatta grabbed my land, man tells court

Updated Thursday, May 30th 2013 at 00:00 GMT +3


Kenya:  An elderly man has accused the late President Jomo Kenyatta of illegally  acquiring a 1.9-acre of land from him.

Mr Gichuhi Kinyanjui, claims the late President took the land in Dagoretti area and combined it with his own.

Kinyanjui’s story, now subject of a court petition, reads like the biblical analogy that those with less shall have everything taken from them and given to those who have much.

Yet if he had another choice, Kinyanjui who filed the petition last month, would have opted not to drag the Kenyatta family to court, especially for his political stand.

Being an elderly man from the same community as the late President, Kinyanjui is apologetic at the very onset for having resulted to legal action.

“I have not gone to court in bad faith and I don’t want to be seen as undermining my community, I am only seeking justice for myself,” he told The Standard in a telephone interview.

And he would not wish to have his picture in the media or to make his case a subject of public debate.

Kinyanjui says his late father Kinyanjui Matubia gave the piece of land at Ngando area in Riruta to him in 1957. The Kenyatta family has for decades been on the defensive over claims the founding President Jomo Kenyatta acquired massive land across the country in unclear circumstances.

Prime surburbs

While the family is often targeted over thousands of acres of land they own at the Coast, Central Kenya and the Rift Valley, one 89-year old man in Nairobi has his own small claim of land against the Kenyatta family.

Under the current market rate, the land would fetch millions of shillings being in the prime suburbs of the city.

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