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Gina Din: The Public Relations guru on a mission to rebrand Africa

Updated Tuesday, November 5th 2013 at 00:00 GMT +3


Almost exactly 52 years ago today in Nanyuki, a baby girl was born to parents who were hoteliers.

The couple already had three daughters, so a son would have been nice, but Shamsu and Malek Din welcomed their new baby with joy and love.

And from a sleepy village in Nanyuki came a woman who would go on to build one of Kenya’s best-known PR brands.

Gina Din-Kariuki, founder and chair of the communications agency Gina Din Corporate Communications, recently launched the Gina Din Group whose tag line — Shaping African Conversations — shows the intention to weave the African narrative into the continent’s homegrown brands.


The new group, which is made up of Gina Din Corporate Communications and IMC, a marketing communications company, already looks formidable.

It plans to increase its footprint in Africa by attracting global clients through its affiliation with Weber Shandwick, the award-winning and second-largest PR group in the world,

Gina is executive chair of the group, with Eddie Ndegwa being group CEO. 

The launch came just a month after Gina spoke on the sidelines of the African Leadership Forum at the United Nations.

The theme of her speech at the event was re-branding Africa, and the continent was very much on-message at the colourful launch of GDG. 

The launch included a mix of Nairobi’s movers and shakers from the corporate, NGO, diplomatic and government worlds.

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