Keveye Girls High on the rampage, protest sexual assaults by intruders

Police officers attempt to restore order at Keveye Girls High School yesterday after students protested what they termed as the school management’s failure to protect them from intruders. [Standard]

Friends School Keveye Girls students went on the rampage Sunday to protest alleged insecurity and corporal punishment.

The over 2000 students also accused the management of poor management and high handedness.

The rowdy learners claimed that the school management has been reluctant to address issues touching on their safety.

According to the students, strangers believed to be men have been sneaking into their dormitories on several occasions at night.

They claimed that some of them have been sexually assaulted by the intruders but their complaints about the matter have not been taken seriously by the school administration.

A section of the students claimed that three men sneaked into the school compound on Saturday night and sexually assaulted one of the girls.

They claimed that girls occupying Kilimanjaro dormitory spotted three 'naked men' around their dorm and raised a distress call around midnight.

Fearing that the attackers would strike again, the students converged at the school pitch where they stayed until Sunday morning and demanded to be allowed to go home.

But the school management was reluctant to let the girls out a move that agitated the learners who started throwing stones shuttering windows and CCTV cameras installed in the school and at one point attempted to break the school main gate.

"We want to go home, we are being mistreated and even 'raped' at night yet the school principal and the deputy care less about our safety," shouted one of the students.