Why President Uhuru Kenyatta was forced by bandits to deploy KDF in Baringo

Why President Uhuru Kenyatta was forced by bandits to deploy KDF in Baringo
A 2 days old baby and his mother killed by bandits

Following a number of killings in Baringo, the Government has tried all means to bring peace in the region but all seemed to hit a snag.

It is just recently when President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the KDF soldiers to be deployed in the area to pursue the bandits and disarm all those residents who own firearms illegally.

On seeing that Baringo residents are losing lives at an alarming rate the President could not stand aside and watch that's why he opted to order deployment of KDF in the are to prevent further deaths.

The police force proved that the situation was beyond their capacity to handle it.

It should be remembered that the recent killing at Mukutani, Baringo County happened a few meters from a police camp.

It is alleged that the police despite having sophisticated weapons showed cowardliness as they perused the bandits.This is why they were unable to restore normalcy in Baringo county.

KDF soldiers are known for their thorough work.They rarely fail in their missions.For example, they flashed out the Sabot Land Defence force in Mt Elgon despite the militia taking control of the area for many years.

Additionally, the President cited these bandits as the enemy of the state so they were to battle with KDF in an effort to restore peace in Kenya, Baringo to be specific.

Lastly, the president wanted to prove that the Government is still in control and it is committed to providing security to its citizens.

At one point the opposition had started accusing the Government of failing to provide security to Kenyans.

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