Moi university's Jairo Moses' supporters prove the strength of comrades power

It was business unusual for Moi university administration officials after a memo calling for the suspension of the academics director, Jairo Moses on 21st June under unclear circumstances. The news was met by the wrath of angry students who went ahead to prove that comrades power is stronger than Kenya power.

A memoir drafted by the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics Prof Kimengi alleged that the director contravened section 7.4 group ii (I) unauthorized material in an examination room written on paper, section 7.4 group ii (I) copying from or attempting to copy form or making references to unauthorized materials in the examination room . 7.4 group IV (VI) obstructing the invigilator from carrying out his/her duties, 7.4 Group IV (I) carrying out his examination script out of the examination room.

 From these allegations, his REL 321 :RELIGIONS IN KENYA exam was to be cancelled, get suspended from the University for two academic years upon which he would be expected to sit for supplementary examinations of the said course upon resuming.

 According to Jairo he only intervened upon an examination feud involving a lecturer and students who were allegedly caught in the act of cheating and pleaded with the lecturer to hand them new booklets so that they continue with their papers . “I never thought this would result into irregularity allegations directed to me “says Jairo.

 Perhaps Jairo would not have been the first director in service to be suspended as the latest case was that of George Bush who held the position of the Prime Director ( a position that was created as a result of election malpractice of the 27th SGC) and was suspended on accounts of giving unwanted information to the media. The late Mwalimu Doghana was also suspended among others including the current Kericho senator Aaron Cheruiyot.

According to experts, his suspension would have caused harm than good bearing in mind his massive political fan base and the current political status of the university ahead of next month’s 30th MUSO elections. The vibrant Moses whose commands masses at the institution can now smile after the matter was amicably solve upon realization that all the accounts were baseless and sheer innuendo propagated by a section who felt offended by his actions to demand results for students.