If God exists let Him heal Kiuna — Atheists mock ailing JCC Bishop

The Atheists in Kenya Society on Wednesday released a statement on Bishop Allan Kiuna’s battle with cancer.

Although they wished Kiuna quick recovery and good health, the society questioned God’s ability to heal saying the fact that the man of God is suffering from a terminal disease is proof that prayers do not work.

“The fact that Bishop Kiuna is suffering from cancer, which we know not to have a cure, is evidence that prayers don’t work.

“It is evidence that God does not exist. That miracle healing is a scam,” read the statement in part.

Further, they accused the clergy of lying to Kenyans by invoking the name of God in preaching the prosperity gospel.

They also cautioned Kenyans against giving their hard-earned money to churches in the name of ‘planting seeds.’

"Kiuna has made millions through the prosperity gospel by lying to vulnerable Kenyans that through the power of Jesus Christ and prayer, claiming that Kenyans can get solutions to their problems, including financial breakthroughs, businesses, marriages and sicknesses.

"Many pastors are employing the same tactics to make quick money. We caution Kenyans against parting with their hard-earned money on account of 'planting a seed' read the statement signed by Harrison Mumia.

Adding: “Why is this mighty God not healing the good Bishop of cancer? Why is Bishop Kiuna spending time in hospitals instead of just praying for healing?"