Kenyan youth harshly respond to president Kenyatta’s latest appointment

Kenyan youth online on Tuesday, October 15, took to Twitter to express their disappointment towards the appointments made by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Through the hashtag #DearUhuruKenyatta, many aired out their grievances towards the President’s leadership. 

This came after Labour Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani appointed former Othaya Member of Parliament Mary Wambui to a government job.

Kenyans went ahead to remind the president of the promise he made to the Kenyan youth on employment.

On Monday, Mr Kenyatta appointed Jeremiah Matagaro, the widower of the late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso to the public service.

Some online users, however, supported the president arguing that the youth do not have the experience required for these jobs.

Others blamed the handshake for the situation, stating that there is no opposition currently fighting against the recycling of public officers.

Some of the responses include;

#DearUhuruKenyatta We are all still waiting to see when you will appoint a young person in any parastatal. You promised us in 2013 that this was going to be “Serikali ya Vijana” but there is no single young person,Neither do we have young people in your BBI committee.????Courtesy:— MARIGIRI???????? (@Dmarigiri_) October 15, 2019

#DearUhuruKenyatta the repercussions of the handshake is the among the worst things to happen to Kenya. No one can oppose crude decisions of the government like Raila did.— M U G U R O™ (@ItsMuguro) October 15, 2019

#DearUhuruKenyatta these are the youth you have employed so far:

1. Moody Awori - 91
2. Francis Muthaura - 71
3. Chris Obure - 75
4. Matu Wamae - 79
5. Beth Mugo - 79
6. Musikari Kombo - 74
7. David Musila - 75
8. Marsden Madoka - 75
9. Esther Murugi - 65
10. Mary Wambui - 69— Victor Mochere (@VictorMochere) October 15, 2019

When Mary Wambui was mentioned as the new chairperson of National Employment Authority, I lost all my ability to can. How can such a 'youth' head a very useless organization? It's more of rewarding old camels. #DearUhuruKenyatta.

— BRAVIN™ (@ItsBravin) October 15, 2019

#DearUhuruKenyatta I hope you woke up well, thank you for showing the middle finger to all the youths who cheered you on and unrelentingly supported you we now know we were just stepping stones to power— Senator Ivan Koskei (@MadMullah1) October 15, 2019