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HILARIOUS: Larry Madowo’s bible study photo lights up social media
By Standard Reporter | Updated Jul 06, 2019 at 10:07 EAT
Larry Madowo and Cynthia Nyamai

Some asked whether they read the Bible the entire night

"Bless you brother. Bible study on Friday night? In this weather? And in that dress?!! Leaning on you in that ungodly manner????"

BBC journalist Larry Madowo on Friday evening shared a photo on his Facebook page captioned ‘Bible study with my old colleague and friend Cynthia Nyamai’ and netizens questioned whether they perused the Holy Book.

This is because Nyamai was in a short dress that exposed her legs and ‘team mafisi’ could not help but ogle at her ‘thighland.’

Online, netizens made fun of the situation and asked Madowo to come clean on whether the two are an item.

Here are some of the reactions:

“Bless you brother. Bible study on Friday night? In this weather? And in that dress?!! Leaning on you in that ungodly manner????”

“This must be the new and old testament combined with the hymn book.”

“Bible study room with that kind of dress surely.”

“I am struggling to see a Bible but I can only see a thigh stake and my eyes are stuck there.”

“We only read the Bible in church land and not thighland.”

“Even bahati used to call diana his prayer partner...see their life now.”

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“Bible study indeed...but her legs are brighter than your room.”

“I miss Cynthia Nyamai on telly.She was a good presenter,she will help you cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelations with ease.”

“Are u fasting too? I think there will be no time for meals all weekend. It's a tight prayer session.”

“Your prayers will be answered very soon with such a partner......friday kesha.”

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