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OPINION: Campus girls should stop misusing P2
By Mwirigi Kaburu | Updated Apr 06, 2019 at 16:02 EAT

Medical experts argue that misuse of P2 has long-term reproductive effects on women

Many young campus girls are abusing this pill without thinking of the consequences

Postinor-2 commonly known as P2 has for years been an emergency contraceptive pill for preventing unwanted pregnancies but now considered a painkiller especially by campus girls. The tablet prevents pregnancy when used within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

The magic tablet will, however, not prevent you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases’ reads a disclaimer on the pills package but despite this, many campus girls are not bothered by the risks involved in unprotected sex as long as they are not getting pregnant and are now popping them faster than a chicken swallowing grains.

On most Friday evenings you can’t help but notice skimpily dressed girls and young men with funny haircuts and attires at campus gates boarding matatus heading in different directions in twos. This is where the madness starts.

After all, it’s the start of the weekend and no one will be needed in class till Monday morning and thanks to the Higher Education Loans Board and their parents’ pockets, they are loaded. Club hopping and experiments with all sort of drugs and alcohol as well as sex escapades thrill the weekend nights. With young and hot blood running in their veins they end up engaging in unprotected intercourse either knowingly or unknowingly.

Pregnancy is feared more than STIs by campus girls. The steamy weekends’ reality dawns on these girls on Monday morning and that’s how P2 comes into the picture. Mariam (not her real name) is a 2nd-year student at a leading university confessed to being a regular user of P2.

“I was introduced to p2 by my friends after I went out with my boyfriend and ended up having unprotected sex while drunk. I use it any time after having sex and it has really helped me continue with my studies”, said Mariam.

Another student, Berryl, said, “My boyfriend first introduced me to P2 after insisting on unprotected sex assuring me that nothing would happen. Afterwards we headed to a nearby chemist where he bought me these green-packaged tablets which I later came to treasure much. I am now a regular user.”

Some of the campus girls are forced to play ‘wife duties’ to their boyfriends, talk of living under one roof, cooking and feeding this guy and playing all the housewife chores believing they are in love and will get married immediately after graduation. The results being the misuse of P2 to hinder unwanted babies.

The infamous pill which can be acquired over the counter is sold in a pack of two. The first pill is taken within the first 12 hours of unprotected sex and the other 12 hours later. Those in the chemist business have unending stories about young campus girls frequenting their premises to pick up the pill late on Sundays and Monday mornings.

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Many young campus girls are abusing this pill without thinking of the consequences.

A pharmacist once confirmed to me that some are taking them even twice in a week, which poses a great health concern to them.

Medical experts argue that misuse of P2 has long-term reproductive effects on women, including disrupting the normal hormonal cycle which can cause complications such as irregular bleeding and ectopic pregnancy among many others.

Make a better decision and put your health and life first, do not be carried away by a minute or two pleasure which can ruin your life forever. Be smart.

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