Kenyans make fun of CS Rotich’s oversized trousers

Treasury CS Henry Rotich was the subject of online ridicule after he stepped out with President Uhuru Kenyatta in oversized pants.

The Head of State on Thursday announced that the government would buy maize from farmers at Sh2500 per bag but all the attention was diverted to CS Rotich who donned unique pants.

Here are some of the comments on social media: 

Kinyanjui Stephen Kamau: Rotich's designer should be arrested

Bernard Ngiri: Hii trouser isioshwe na maji moto tena.

Dan Muhia: Hio trouser Ya waziri ndio strategic grain store Ya serikali

Sanz Noddez: Trousers ya SC Rotich is bigger than China debt. Lol.

Lenny Njagi: The trouser can fit several bags of maize

Josphat Kimathi Mugambi: Mwenye alishonea rotich hiyo toja mungu anakuona.

Jamlick Mwongera: Rotich apewe ile uniform ya polisi pls

Mwangi James: Rotich must be a A Fashion Trail blazer ..This one is Called " SET ME FREE"

Sylvia Kanini Peter: Rotich looks like your trouser is addressing the nation too, lakini na hiyo docket ya treasury mkubwa nani aliosha trau na maji moto.

Jeddylis Mutheu: Hii trouser ya rotich ndio itaficha deni ya china na corruption