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Six reasons why you keep losing potential husbands
By Silas Nyamweya | Updated Jan 04, 2019 at 15:27 EAT
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Ideally, men should settle the bill but some really struggle

Why would you keep comparing your current to your ex? 

If you are approaching 40 and every suitor you find keeps dumping you for another woman, you must be wondering whether you are cursed or bewitched.

However, what you may not know is that some of your behaviors chase away men.

1. You like flirting

Your ‘potential’ always finds you with another man. “He is just a friend, there is nothing between us,” you say, but your body language suggests otherwise.

Men are possessive and this will definitely push them away.

 2. You are choosy – too choosy

Tall, dark and handsome! Well, you might be lucky to find some but more often than not, the script is not that straightforward.

I am not so sure there are many ‘Mr Rights’ left so just grab someone from the left and make them Mr Right.

3. You are too expensive

There are some girls who think they can order anything under the sun when their men are around. They usually ask for the most expensive drink or food around and don’t care whether the said men are cash-strapped or not.

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Ideally, men should settle the bill but some really struggle. I read somewhere, “If your entire family cannot afford something, why put pressure on the man?”

 4. You are arrogant

Arrogance is a turn-off. This actually applies to both men and women. You should be accommodative in any relationship set up. Listening is key.

 5. You are over-demanding

Babe uko wapi? Na nani? Mnafanya nini? Hadi saa ngapi?

Men find this to be a little bit too much and you might be dropped like a hot potato

 6. You keep talking about your ex

Now, this is just wrong. Why would you keep comparing your current to your ex? If he was that good why did you guys part ways?

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