Governor’s wife who wears mini-skirts and figure-hugging trousers

The wife of a governor in a county in the Rift Valley is the talk of town over her manner of dressing.

Residents complain the county ‘first lady’ dresses in skimpy and tight fitting clothes, that don’t befit her status.

What has alarmed locals even more is that the man they elected as the county boss does not seem to be bothered with the dressing of her spouse, as she at times accompanies him to meetings and even funerals while dressed in ill-fitting clothes.

There is rumour that the governor, who is doing his second term in office is grooming his partner to go into politics in 2022 after he leaves power.

The consensus among locals is that the youthful ’Mama County' as she is fondly called by many needs to ditch the mini-skirts and figure-hugging trousers she fancies, if she wants to be taken more seriously.