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Ladies, why you should never move in with a guy before marriage
By Musyoki Ngina | Updated Dec 08, 2018 at 15:03 EAT
couple moving in together.

Secondly, he claimed that he doesn’t have to do any house chores

Lastly, he said that he always has a companion

Couples moving in together has become so common and especially among campus couples. The common reason girls give for moving in with the boyfriend is that they want to cut the house rent and bills.

I asked a guy (not a so close friend) why he moved in with his girlfriend and his reasons were somewhat annoying. First, he claimed that he can have the chick anytime he wants; he clearly meant sex. He said that he didn’t have to go all the way to where she lives to ‘get it’.

Secondly, he claimed that he doesn’t have to do any house chores. These include washing utensils, clothes, cleaning the house and so on. In short, the girlfriend becomes some sort of maid. Why would any woman allow to be treated in such a manner in the name of love? You get home tired after a stressful day from school or work and after you get home, you are required to do the chores of a housewife.

Lastly, he said that he always has a companion and someone to talk to when he is in need. Sometimes I tend to think that it is we, the women, who allow such men to treat us that way. If he needs you, let him come to where you are.

It is even more pitiful for the lady when she is the one paying the rent and bills and still does all the work around the house. The woman feels some sense of belonging when the guy introduces her to his friends as ‘wifey’. He hasn’t talked to your parents, hajalipa mahari, and neither has he taken you to the altar and you still allow him to call you his wife? I really don’t understand some women.

If he loves you, he will wait until the day you say ‘I do’ for you to move in with him. Never let any man use you; you are pearl that needs to be cherished.

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