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Raila Odinga blocks Miguna Miguna on Twitter
By Kelley Boss | Updated Nov 24, 2018 at 11:35 EAT

Raila Odinga has blocked the self-declared NRM General Miguna Miguna, ahead of his expected book launch 

Miguna sent out a Tweet announcing that he had been blocked by Raila, terming it as a cowardly move 

Lawyer Miguna Miguna launched a scathing attack on Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Saturday describing him as ‘the chief cowardly hypocrite.' 

This is after Mr Odinga blocked the lawyer on Twitter leading to a rant from his former aide.

In a tweet, Miguna Miguna revealed that Raila had blocked him on Twitter.

The lawyer explained that the opposition leader’s move was because he knew that his yet to be released book would be an explosive revolutionary engagement.

“Mr. Hand-Chequer, @RailaOdinga, the chief cowardly hypocrite, blocks me on @Twitter as "TREASON: The Case Against Tyrants and Renegades" nears release. It's going to be an EXPLOSIVE REVOLUTIONARY engagement ahead. Cheers! #SayNoToUjinga,” wrote Miguna Miguna.

The controversial lawyer and politician, who is currently exiled in Canada, announced his book release date to his 450,000 Twitter followers giving December 20, 2018, as the date of the book’s publication.

Miguna posted the cover page of the 450-page book which will be titled, Treason: The case against Tyrants and Renegades.


In August, Lawyer Miguna Miguna was not happy after Deputy President William Ruto blocked him on Twitter. 

Miguna, in a rant, argued that DP Ruto is a public servant who is financed by taxpayers and therefore does not have the privilege of blocking critics.

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