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Jowie writes to Maraga over ‘woman eater’ tag
By Kelley Boss | Updated Nov 16, 2018 at 10:51 EAT
Joseph Irungu

Jowie is seeking the removal of Justice James Wakiaga from his case 

Jowie accused Justice wakiaga of defaming him during his ruling 

Joseph Irungu has written to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) seeking the removal of Justice James Wakiaga from his case.

In his letter to JSC which is headed by Chief Justice David Maraga, Jowie denied ever eating a woman or any human being.

The murder suspect demanded the recusal of justice Wakiaga from the case for denying him bail and instead labeling him a “woman Eater.”

“By describing me as a woman-eater, the judge abused his position and compounded the female gender to be nothing less than items to be eaten which is quite foul, degrading coming from a sitting judge,” read the letter.

Jowie explains that “Indeed the judge used the most uncouth, derogatory and injudicious language against me as being a male version of a slay queen.”

According to jowie, the judge literally means that jowie is a cannibal, promiscuous, adulterous and or living off unknown women.

“In the words of the Judge, I am a hopeless person who depends on women for sex and kill them if I must. In his mind, the judge is already convinced, believes and has pre-empted my guilt, awaiting conviction and sentence.” Jowie adds. 

Jowie accused Justice wakiaga of defaming him during his ruling that set free his fiancé Jacque Maribe. 

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