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Why Uhuru and Ruto do not care about this country anymore
By Martin Muya | Updated Oct 11, 2018 at 09:09 EAT
President Uhuru and DP Ruto

If you look at President Uhuru and Ruto's body language, they do not seem to care anymore about democracy

Ruto cares less about how far and deep Uhuru sinks

Is there hope for future democracy in Kenya? If you look at President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto's body language, they do not seem to care anymore about democracy, least of all about each other. 

Ruto cares less about how far and deep Uhuru sinks. With Raila reaching his sell-by-date peak, Ruto knows he only needs Uhuru to smoothen his way to power. His clever and cunning allies know this as well.

With a weakened opposition that relied heavily on Raila’s machismo and charisma, Ruto and his allies know that the path to power is clear. 

Ruto knows very well that his main weakness has always been having enough money and wealth to launch a formidable campaign for the presidency.

During Uhuru’s first term, the DP and his allies partly addressed this. From the look of things, he is already preparing a smart path to the presidency. 

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