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Murkomen’s reaction on Chinese man who called Uhuru a monkey lands him in trouble
By Fay Ngina | Updated Sep 07, 2018 at 12:08 EAT
Murkomen under fire for remarks on racist Chinese

Kipchumba Murkomen came under fire after his remarks concerning Liu Jiaqi, the Chinese man who was caught on video calling Kenyans and President Uhuru Kenyatta monkeys

Murkomen responded to the viral video saying that we have many and worse ‘Liu Jiaqis’ among us (Kenyans)

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen came under fire on September 6 August after his remarks concerning Liu Jiaqi, the Chinese man who was caught on video calling Kenyans and President Uhuru Kenyatta monkeys.

Murkomen responded to the viral video saying that we have many and worse ‘Liu Jiaqis’ among us (Kenyans).

“I know we are mad with Liu Jiaqi for calling us monkeys. But let’s be honest. How  many of us call people worse names because they come from different tribes? How many of us hurl obscenities to others coz they hold different opinions? We’ve many & worse Liu Jiaqis among us,” said Murkomen.

The Chinese man nicknamed as 'Judge' at the Ruiru based motor cycling company – Sonlink (K) Limited- was caught on camera hurling insults at a Kenyan employee and threatening to sack him when he returns back to china. ?

"The company has about 8 Chinese and 12 Kenyans and all the Chinese here are our bosses and we do not know who is the overall boss. Insults here are a common occurrence and we just persevere to keep our jobs," the employee who leaked the video.

According to an employee of the company, the incident happened after a business trip to Machakos went wrong.

"We went for a business trip, looking after our customers. Our official vehicle was busy so that is why we used an Uber," said the employee.

Liu was arrested and deported on September 6 by the Immigration department.

Kenyans on social media trolled Murkomen after his remarks and this is what some of them had to say;

We should never punish criminals because others commit crimes everyday? Baba Kip you are a LAWYER. Please!!!— Robert ALAI, HSC (@RobertAlai) September 6, 2018

@kipmurkomen as usual you are out of line Kenyans are not mad but FURIOUS and we also don't expect you to be honest so what exactly is your point let us cut to the chase ..........for now abuse to president is declared free for all— Omondi mar Waithira (@KenyanPenguin) September 6, 2018

I was almost a agreeing with him until I realized he's been insulting other communities. He wants us to lough when he insults us.— Calystus Murunga (@CalystusMurung3) September 6, 2018

Your school of thought isn't inspiring at all.
Racism is unacceptable,we are past that error where white people used to view us as some sort of feeble creatures whom couldn't stand for themselves.
To be Honest @kipmurkomen we deserve better— Dennis ketone (@dennisKetone) September 6, 2018

Murkomen mbona Mara mingi unafanya tunatusiwa Hulu kwa streets kwa sababu ya reasoning Kama hii? Spare us bwana— Rotich Robert (@robaakipyator) September 6, 2018

Siungenyamaza tu badala ya kuandika chenye haiko na hakuna... RE READ YOUR TWEET AGAIN— Bernard Oduor (@BernardOduor9) September 6, 2018

Let me be abused by my fellow Kenyan but most certainly not by a foreigner who's here because there's a business opportunity and thinks he can harass, intimidate & then insult the the host residents. Very poor analysis today Senator. Take a break to gather your thoughts— Akinyi Rading (@akinyi_rading) September 6, 2018

Are u his lawyer now?He should respect the host,,keep his thoughts to himself.— kevin marube (@marubekevin80) September 6, 2018

Where are you located and how do you want us buy this cheap arguments you got we're past that ave of time, be it that you were the one t'would have no case due to this myopic focal point of view you always have— MBIRIRA HARON° ™????? (@Vetmbirirah001) September 7, 2018

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