Eric Omondi’s brother dies hours after finding him

Comedian Eric Omondi’s elder brother Joseph Omondi died hours he was found by his family in Nairobi CBD.

Eric’s brother was found in an unhealthy condition as he was addicted to Cocaine and other substances.

“This is not the last image I would have wanted to post of my brother... But this is definitely the image I want every young person in this Country to see!!! Joseph Onyango Omondi passed on this morning around 3am, barely 12 hours after I found him in Downton River Road. He was addicted to Cocaine and other substances and was in and out of Rehab for the past 19 years. May God himself take charge,’’ Eric wrote.

The comedian says he traced his brother after a tip from a taxi driver in Nyandarua Road, Nairobi.

He took to his Instagram handle and narrated how his brother had struggled with addiction since high school

“If you are a young person and you follow this account.. This is for you!!! This is my blood brother Joseph Omondi (Same father same mother) Joseph has struggled with drug addiction since high school… He has been in and out of rehabilitation. We have tried our best as a family,” he posted.

He later advised youths in school using drugs to stop.

“Because of his addiction he has a tendency to run away from us to avoid Rehabilitation. I tracked him yesterday through a taxi guy who spotted him in Nairobi downtown along Nyandarua Road. If you are reading this na uko High school ama colle na ushaanza kuonja hizo vitu jua tu kuna time hautaweza kulala bila hizo vitu,” he added.

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