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One costly mistake that would make all relationships perfect if avoided by men
By Hillary Gisore | Updated Jun 20, 2018 at 11:46 EAT
Couple arguing [COURTESY]

Men make a lot of mistakes in relationships

However, some are totally avoidable if all men were sane. Here they are 

Men are universally known to be strong, both emotionally and physically.

As a man with a family, one should take responsibility for almost everything in the union until death.

However, many men in the 21st century fail to live up to women’s expectations due to different reasons.

Sometimes, men just don’t present themselves well to ladies. Some fail to financially satisfy a woman. Some fail to satisfy her in the bedroom, which is of course relative.

To be a proper man, you must behave in a proper way.

Here are some things you need to stop doing in your relationships to potentially save it.

You avoid responsibilities

If you cannot admit faults, then you're less a man. Stop blaming someone else for your mistakes, because the instant gratification you get lights you up. Do not blame her for your injured pride and differences. Instead, own up to your mistakes and accept responsibility.

Abusing a woman emotionally and physically

You don't have to extend your insecurities to beating up your partner. Domestic violence is unlawful. Our ancestors never beat up their wives when they failed to show up or brew them liquor. They just said one word which was enough to straighten out the mistress. You should man up and keep watch of your missus' emotional bowels. Take note of her feelings, fears and self-esteem.

You fake yourself

It's unmanly to walk around with a false identity. You don't have to fake to be with somebody. Be in your own skin and don't change it to impress a person. Be yourself and feel good to be who you are.

Disrespecting your woman

Women are people. Just like men. All people should be respected. Real men support their partners and they never try to bring them down or control them. By showing women love, commitment and romance, they'll feel appreciated and respected.


This is wrong. Simple. Fooling around with another woman feels absolutely terrible when your partner discovers it. She will be hurt. If you're a real man, you won't stand to see the person living for you crying her heart out. You will fundamentally violate her trust on you by deceiving her. This will torment her. It’s devastating to wreck one's trust in any partnership.

You're careless with money

Real men don't buy stuff to impress women. Real women never sell their hearts out to get love. A good partner will love the way you are and she will not fraught her expectations on you. Live within your means and don't buy your way into a horrendous debt by trying to impress her.

Abandoning your values and beliefsSuch men have no direction and their future is a big, black and void. When one gives up their values and beliefs, they lose themselves and are locked out from a good future. Such a man has nothing to fight for and the odds are always against them. He doesn't stand up for himself, friends or loved one

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