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BETTING ON THE ROAD - This is the Nairobi matatu driver who places bets while driving (PHOTOS)
By Robert Abong'o | Updated May 26, 2018 at 10:34 EAT
He bets while driving [COURTESY]

One Nairobi matatu driver was caught on camera betting on his phone while driving

The video has since gone viral and Kenyans have a lot to say about gambling addiction 

One Nairobi bus driver has shocked netizens after he was caught on camera betting while driving.

The video doing rounds on social media shows the driver using his phone while driving on a busy road.

He places the phone right under the steering wheel, carefully scrolling through his bets as he multitasks- transporting passengers.

How he manages to have his mind on the road, on the steering wheel, on his phone and on his passengers still puzzles many.

Here are a few photos of him betting while driving:

Kenyans on social media reacted negatively to this video, with most condemning the driver’s habits. Others responded by criticizing the effect gambling has had on Kenyans, saying the driver is one of the many caught up in this betting craze.

Here is the video os the driver betting while driving:

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