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Seven things to do in 2018 if you were jobless in 2017
By Hudson Mukanzi | Updated May 02, 2018 at 12:20 EAT
Unemployment in Kenya is increasing
  • The number of unemployment Kenyans is increasingly becoming rampant 
  • Looking for jobs has become even harder because the numbers of the unemployed people have risen and thousands are graduating every month

If you have come here to look for riches without effort, then I am sorry. Just go back and do whatever you were doing before now. If instead, you are an honest and hardworking person and willing to put effort to gain wealth gradually, then I am happy for you because you are at the right place.

Many people in Kenya were jobless in 2017 because of so many reasons including politics, the fall of big companies and corporations, lack of skills and knowledge, retrenchment and others were sacked because of indifference at their working places.

Looking for jobs has become even harder because the numbers of the unemployed people have risen and thousands are graduating every month from various institutions than before.

So what will you do in 2018? Continue looking for jobs? Its time you changed tactics on how to move on with your life. Here is a suggestion of what you can do to have a life change in 2018 or even at the end. Try and see the results.

1. Work online. A lot of Kenyans have access to the internet these days. If you have a good phone- that can access the internet, write articles, enter data post things on the internet, edit pictures and videos and send mail, then there is work online for you. People in and outside Kenya are looking for individuals who can do the mentioned jobs. All you need to do is join the right website (upwork.com, freelancer.com, peopleperhour.com etc. - just Google freelance websites). If you have a profession like law, accounting and any other then you are better placed. You will be able to earn even more than you would if you were employed and a company in Kenya. After doing your job on your cell phone, go to the nearest cybercafé and verify your work before sending.

2. Create content. If you are good at doing anything or have a talent like farming, singing playing a musical instrument, comedy and many others, then you need to start investing time in studying to become better; then create content on your talent. This will enable you to teach others with the same passion as yours, approach companies to include your idea in their services and even create a company of your own. Research in the US shows that those people who spent their time creating content in the 90s are now billionaires and millionaires. In this case, you need to strife and even have sleepless nights researching to create what is not presented our market today. Doing this is better than roaming the streets and meeting your boys and mourning about the government.

3. Make and build friendships. Research that was done in 2017 in Kenya shows that 60% of jobs in Kenya are not advertised. These jobs are given to friends of friends in the company. An employer tells the employees to bring them someone who can do the given job. If you make more friends in 2018 then be sure that they will come with connections that might lead you landing a good job. Friendships built in social places like worship places have proved to yield results.

4. Go back to your hometown. Everybody thinks that jobs are in the city. Now that you are in the city have you found any? Go back home and start on projects like farming-rear chicken and pigs your life will be different in 6 months, rear livestock and you will gradually become rich. Foods crops are needed in the cities plant them. Even better, start a consultancy or a new business in your shopping center. People will come distances to be served by you.

5. Stop being choosy. It is proven that people who were not good in school are better off in life than their clever ex-schoolmates. Reasons are evident: those who were not clever came out with the willingness to do any work and so they were willing to start small and gradually got promoted to better positions in life. The problem with the person who thinks they are clever is they want to be the administrator, the manager, and even the CEO without starting low. Go to that hotel and start washing dishes before you become the waiter. Volunteer in that company strategically to get a job posting.

6. Go back to school. I know school is not for everyone. There are those who will never step at the door of a school again and those that do not have the funds to take them back to school. This is for those who came out of school and realized they did not do the right course or their education is not sufficient. Now that you know better, go study your tail off and come out with good grades to pursue your dream job.

7. Get a loan! The problem with entrepreneurs is they don’t have enough capital. If you are sure you have an idea worthy of a loan, approach a bank- it is easier to get a loan with the bank these days if you have a good idea. You can also join with others like you to get funds from the government. Funding offered by the government is unused because many people are unwilling to join groups to get it. Words of caution though, do not borrow if you are not sure on how you will use the money to give you results to repay.

It is not easy but it is possible. Never give up in life. Make a decision to stop whining and complaining about your situation however difficult it might seem. Take a step and before you know it everything will have turned in your favor. Trust in God it will all be well in future.

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