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Dear Kenyan men, this is what your wife wants you to cook for her everyday
By Robert Abong'o | Updated May 05, 2018 at 13:07 EAT
Different Kenyan meals [COURTESY]

As a man, how would you please your lady if she wanted something good to eat?

There are some foods Kenyan women crave all the time and finding a man who prepares them is a plus 

Dear men, ‘breakfast in bed’ doesn’t do the trick in the 21st century. Your lady expects more from you and in this case, she expects you to at least have some degree of expertise in the kitchen.

Unlike in the past where the woman belonged to the kitchen, today’s woman is busy making ends meet. This means that some tasks such as cooking have been relegated to the backburner.

Men have been forced to learn how to cook good meals, especially when the lady is not around.

Some men learn how to cook for the sole purpose of impressing some lady who has caught his eye. However, most of the time, men fail to fulfill their lover’s expectations and end up preparing devilish meals.

Here are some of the meals Kenyan women feel their partners should know how to prepare:


Believe it or not, many ladies crave GOOD ugali. Find me a lady who doesn’t want a man who knows the art of cooking ugali. I’ll wait.

Even though it might seem like a simple meal to prepare, not many achieve the required standard of a Kenyan ugali.


Fact. Not many ladies in their 20s can cook decent chapati.

A man capable of preparing a chapati that is soft, with the right thickness (not paper thin and not blanket thick), that can be peeled layer by layer and has the right amount of salt can date any Kenyan lady. Do not try to spice it up by adding onions and carrots, be as simple and as sweet as possible.


Even if you are from the coastal region, your prowess in cooking Pilau will have to be at its peak when trying to impress that lady.

Good Pilau is difficult to pull off and you must know the right amounts of ingredient to use. Also, if you manage to make a proper plate of pilau, the lady will know you are capable of handling the small details in anything.

Beef Stew 

This is one of the most common meals in any Kenyan household. Beef stew goes with Ugali, Rice, potatoes, name it.

Find that niche in yourself that knows how to come up with a beef stew delicacy and watch the lady fall for you like a deck of cards stacked together.

Samaki (Fish)

C’mon ladies, who says no to a man who cooks samaki like a five-star restaurant Chef? Or better yet, who doesn’t an impromptu man, who occasionally decided to cook you samaki?

Men from the lake region should have no problems here. However, how you prepare the samaki depends on the type you are working on. Different fish are prepared differently.

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