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Wazir Chacha look-alike ‘dumped’ by fiancée, family condemns him for embarrassment
By Fay Ngina | Updated Apr 11, 2018 at 09:57 EAT
Wanjii was mistaken for Wazir Chacha
  • A man who was mistaken for conman suspect Wazir Chacha has come out to explain his tribulations
  •  Samuel Wanjii says the issue has cost him his fiancee who has refused to respond to his texts and calls

A man who was mistaken for conman suspect Benson Masubo aka Wazir Chacha has come out explaining the ordeals he has faced especially after blogger Cyprian Nyakundi posted his photo on social media claiming he was Chacha.

Samuel Wanjii, the man mistaken for Chacha, during an interview with Nairobi News, said that he is considering taking the blogger to court. Mr. Wanjii says Cyprian has continued to defame him despite the arrest of the con suspect.

Wazir Chacha was arrested and charged in a money scam targeting Members of Parliament using the details of Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege.

Ms. Chege and Mr. Wanjii were seen posing in a photo that was taken during the 2017 general elections. Wanjii says he was a member of Ms. Chege’s campaign team.

The Muranga Woman Rep also confirmed the same during an interview with Hot 96 FM.

“The picture in circulation is of a young man called Sammy who has a small shop in Murang'a. Not Chacha. That picture was taken after I was announced the winner of the women representative seat Murang'a,” she said.

However, despite the arrest of Chacha, Samuel says his family, relatives, and friends have condemned him telling him that he has embarrassed the family.

“My family and relatives condemned me, telling me that I had embarrassed the family who is God fearing and that I needed to confess that I’m obsessed with sleeping with older women in exchange of money… My friends and former classmates mocked me and asked me to part with the money from MPs,” said Mr. Wanjii.

Samuel continues to explain how his family is pressuring him to get saved as people in church keep staring at him during church service.

“From the family holding a meeting to press me to confess and get saved again, my fellow church members staring at me during the Sunday service,” Mr. Wanjii continued.

Mr. Wanjii also says the whole issue has cost him his fiancée who has refused to respond to his texts and calls.

“This issue has claimed my fiancé who even after the arrest of Mr. Chacha has not responded to my text messages and calls,” he said.

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