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Why two female politicians are now sworn enemies
By Grapevine | Updated Apr 09, 2018 at 07:41 EAT
The two politician sisters are sworn enemies
  • A senior male politician is said to be the reason behind the bad blood between the two politician sister
  • The man is said to be having an illicit affair with the siblings

Is a senior male politician the reason behind a tiff between two politician sisters?

Well, details are emerging that the said man is having an illicit affair with the siblings, something that has made them become sworn enemies.

The sisters are said not to be seeing each other eye to eye over the matter as each of them competes for the attention of the influential man.

It is interesting that the sisters have decided to fight each other but have failed to tell the man to decide who among them he was truly in love with.

The man is reportedly enjoying the nasty cold war as the women were not ready to be the loser in the battle.

The politician has also not shown any signs of either abandoning one or both.

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