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Troubled politician who ignored phone calls now sings 'familiar' tune
By Grapevine | Updated Mar 21, 2018 at 07:42 EAT
Kenya - Parliament (COURTESY)

A senior politician is said to have reached out to his old friends after things got tough

He never bothered to pick phone call while things were still well

Kenyan politicians are a peculiar lot, or how do you explain their tendency of retreating back to their communities whenever they are under siege and claim they are being targeted?

This is exactly what a senior politician who has been in the news headlines in the past one week has done.

After realizing that things were getting tough for him, the man reached out to his old friends from his community including journalists seeking their help. 

Never mind that when things were going well for him, he did not even bother to pick people’s calls.

However, his change of heart appears to have come a little too late.

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