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Five pointers that your man is sleeping with other women
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Mar 18, 2018 at 10:58 EAT
A couple mad at each other in bed
  • Men usually change their behavior when they start seeing other women
  • Here are some tips that will help you know if your man is cheating

You have been with your man long enough to know him.

You now have this gut feeling that things are not right between you.

Several things that didn’t happen before are happening now. You suspect he has met someone else but you have no proof.

There are many things you’ve observed but you can’t decide if he is or he is not ‘getting some’ somewhere else.

The following observations would rule out or confirm if he is out there doing things he used to do with some other girl: 

Changes in intimacy

There is a big chance he will stop getting intimate or become too intimate with you. When he has sex out there, it will either drive him not to want you at all or have a higher sex drive. The latter will be evidenced by the much sex he demands from you and the new styles he’ll suddenly introduce in bed. It is normal for one to acquire new adventures but when they are sudden and unaccounted for, someone out there is teaching him.

He uses his gadgets differently

You had access to his phone or his laptop, now they are like Government security files, totally inaccessible with dozens of passwords.

He used to pick his calls in your presence but now he walks miles to talk on his phone. He prefers to spend time in a different room while chatting on his gadgets.

Hygiene suddenly means a lot to him

He didn't pay particular attention to his looks. He was a shower, dress and go, person. Now he spends time in front of the mirror, changing outfit after another. Usually, he visits the barber when his hair is uncontrollably long but now he gets his cut religiously. You’ve heard him badmouth the gym before but now he has enrolled in a daily workout. He even changes his cologne without giving a reason. He takes his car to the car wash more often and his apartment is cleaned more often.

He needs more privacy

The time that the both you used to spend together has been cut short by his need to be alone. He has excuses for having much to do. He cancels the movie watching sessions you both loved to stay in a different room to focus on work. He skips the Saturday afternoon out and leaves you alone to attend to some personal matter.

His workplace suddenly becomes a good place

You have heard him countless times complain about his work. He used to hate going there and always looked forward to coming home. He now talks about the interesting friends he has there. He talks about the new responsibilities he has been given that will keep him longer in the workplace. He comes home for a few hours and uses work as an excuse.

At times, this list may be longer and at others short. While some of these pointers may just be coincidental, a combination of any of them simply indicates that your man is dishing it out to someone else. If you are familiar with them, it is a red flag moment for you; a realisation that he's no longer yours.

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