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Veteran politician madly falls in love with first-time female MP
By Grapevine | Updated Mar 15, 2018 at 08:57 EAT
Kenya - Parliament [PHOTO: COURTESY]

A first-time female MP has apparently stolen the heart of a veteran politician

Grapevine reports that the duo are always seen together, even at times in one vehicle

A renowned Jubilee MP is madly fallen in love with his colleague from the North Eastern region.

So intense is the affair between the vibrant lawmaker from Central Kenya and his counterpart who is serving her first term in parliament, that they no longer keep it a secret.

The duo are always seen together everywhere and even at times ride in one vehicle.

It has not been established what plans the MP has, but a source has whispered to Grapevine that he may be considering to move in with his lover.

The female MP is understood to have parted ways with her spouse.

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