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Want to get married? Here's what you should always hide from your partner while still dating
By Ruth Waithaka | Updated Mar 14, 2018 at 12:47 EAT
Woman angry at her man [PHOTO: COURTESY]

We live in a society that does not hold marriage to a high esteem as our forefathers did and this leads me to ask the question, why is it that the number of marriages have drastically reduced?

I found out that one of the reasons why people are no longer interested in marriage is because we have violated the rules of the game and eaten the forbidden fruit.

I do not necessarily mean s*x before marriage although it is a contributing factor to the decreased rates of marriages but the way people have let their guards down when it comes to dating and courting.

There are several things that one should never see from their partners while dating in order to lead to a marriage.

Their dirty laundry. Yes, I mean exactly that. The essence of courting is to get to know the other person better but this does not by any means include their dirty laundry. Sharing a bed with a man or woman that you are yet to marry brings about a sense of comfort and familiarity. So much so that people get to the extent of seeing the other person’s dirty laundry.

The familiarity will soon kill the intimacy and to others the sense of mystery that makes dating and courting interesting. If you are looking to marry that person that you are dating then you must at all costs avoid their dirty laundry.

Desperation and being needy are also other aspects that one should never see from their partner before they get married. The one thing that scares people in a relationship is if their partner all of a sudden becomes needy and desperate. It is important to maintain a level-headed approach to a relationship despite what one is going through. The one problem of cohabiting is that one is able to notice the mood changes in their partners. It is a sad picture to have to deal with a man that lost their job and they have lost hope of getting another one. Insecurity creeps in and this ultimately leads to a break-up. Desperation should only be visible in marriage, after all, you signed up for better and for worse.

Additionally, there are sleeping habits that are a turn off to many. The reason why many relationships are not ending up in marriage nowadays is that we expose ourselves to our partners way too much before marriage. There are people that snore heavily in their sleep and this could be a deal breaker for many people. There are also those that are not able to control their body functions at night and they end up messing the air which is another real turn off.

Talking while one is sleeping or sleepwalking can also be a major cause of alarm in a relationship. While it is okay to disclose some of these things to your partner while dating, it is important to maintain a level of mystery while dating. If these things came to the fore before marriage, they could ruin the attraction that people share.

Therefore, it is important to uphold some of the morals that our parents instilled in us if we are looking to get married.

Let the cover of mystery be existent right to the day when you say I do. In the quest for love, we often end up doing things to please other people to our own detriment.

Be careful about what you let your partner know about you while dating because it could determine whether you get married or not.

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