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Six obvious reasons why your spouse ranks you ‘the worst’ in bed
By Steve Mwangi | Updated Mar 13, 2018 at 10:16 EAT
Couple in bed [PHOTO: COURTESY]

Young adults are greatly losing touch with their partners, be it lovers, friends with benefits or a one-night stand through unconscious offending talk

This is because there are some morale killings behaviors in the bedroom

Irrespective of age and situations, sexual intimacy should be full of vigor and passion.

The participants should be in a position to enjoy each other. However, there are some morale killings behaviors’ in the bedroom.

Young adults are greatly losing touch with their partners, be it lovers, friends with benefits or a one-night stand through unconscious offending talk. Here are the reasons why you rank last in matters hitting it.

1. It takes passionate talk and mental signals to ready a woman for the night. Women should be able to read from a man that the next moment will not be an ordinary one. Girlfriends or wives hate to be grabbed unaware and forced into penetrative sex without due “preparation”. The act leaves the ladies with painful bruises and feeling like a street woman. Love making should be a process and sexual ambush places you at the bottom of the list.?

2. Men who talk a lot during the act about finishing it in the next minute are a total turn off for the ladies. “I am almost through” signifies the end of passion for what should be a constant act of pleasure.

3. No one admires a performance Richter scale against his or her predecessor. Both parties are annoyed by constantly Exes talk and comparing every move their partner takes with their previous relationship. The talk leaves one feeling unappreciated and, become uninterested as this action symbolizes one might still not be over his/her ex.

4. On the other hand, Men hate constant questions during love-making doubting their love and commitment to the lady. “Are sure you love me?” is an energy-draining phrase to a man. Men perceive such a statement as one that is meant to coerce them to declare their love in exchange for sex. Continuous nagging with the expression demotivates the man and, would always be hesitant to carry her to that bed in future.

5. Every man should have the confidence to walk around the bedroom uncovered. A woman will bring down every man by the “you are too small” statement. Nothing rattles a man’s esteem as having his size demeaned. Such utterances will shake the man’s confidence and will avoid you in bed like a plague.

6. “I can’t do that” is a phrase that offends men. Sexual intimacy ought to be adventurous trying out new and exciting things. Nevertheless, ladies are always reluctant to try new styles and this kills the excitement bringing it to a boring end.

The cautious talk should be embraced in the bedroom to ensure partners enjoy the moment with each other. And, if you have used any of these terms, now you know your place on the log

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