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Our leaders have buried the hatchet, let's end negative politics and embark on nation building
By Mwalimu Miruka Ongoro | Updated Mar 11, 2018 at 12:35 EAT
President Uhuru and NASA leader Raila Odinga.
  • A time has come for Kenya to unite, for all tribes to work together
  • Division through secession is way costly, destructive, deadly and Kenya should not walk that path

Methinks, the time is ripe now... Throw away the umbrella, the stormy rain is gone. Grab that hoe, go to the farm, tend to those lentils and plantains; grow those minjis, tomatoes, tea, carrots, coffee, and waru. 

Odongo bring the fish for lunch, with sorghum and "oduma" "kuon" and don't forget to play ohangla, as l we munch the "rech" cuisine at Ranalo.

Mutisya bring the pigeon peas, mangoes, onions, oranges and grapes, our children need food.

Nyabuto bring more ground nuts, tea, coffee chinsaaga, bananas, finger millets, and sugarcane.

Koech, bring tigni mursik, tea, milk, wheat, maize, and beans...

I have not forgotten others....l can go on....we are over 40. Wonderfully made and placed in the beautiful nation Kenya, no other place to call home, Patel, Wanyonyi, Mwakio, Mshimba, Abdi Noor, are all Kenyans, just as Lonyangapuo, Leshore and Kamar.

We root for one Nation, one People, one voice for social, political and economic prosperity. Secession, as frontend by some voices, is more costly, destructive, deadly.


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