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Five types of lecturers you are likely to have
By Ivy Aseka | Updated Mar 08, 2018 at 09:00 EAT
Lecturer in class [PHOTO: COURTESY]

Different lecturers have their own unique way of delivering information 

Here are five lecturers one is likely to meet in the lecture room:

Some lecturers are straight out of the devil’s handbook of pure evil. Then there are those who are dull and in a tight race against sleeping pills. You know, the kind who put you to sleep the instance they open their mouths.

The strict lecturer

This one is mostly male. He, probably, drives a big car to compensate for his insecurities. He also has strict guidelines regarding class attendance. He is extremely quick to turn away students who come in one minute late for his lecture.

He is keen on who signed on and who did not. He is also notorious for missing marks and supplementary exams. It is highly possible that in his dark hours, he is a pervert who administers sexually transmitted degrees.

The hormonal one

This one is vicious and is mostly female. She has rules outside the school guide book. She is greatly disliked, nay, loathed.

When she isn’t scolding students on attendance, she is screaming at them regarding their appearance. She is likely to give you a supplementary exam after a supplementary exam.

The class sweetheart

This is everyone’s favourite. They are the most understanding lecturers. Every student has their number. They are kind enough to reply messages in full sentences as opposed to syllables.

They also administer make-up cats and are versatile in the modes of teaching. A few students have big crushes on them and are always in their offices with follow-up questions.

The seasonal lecturer

This lecturer is as rare as a honest politician. They could not give two hoots whether the course work is completed or not. If you are lucky, they will show up thrice during the semester.

The first time will be to greet you and hand out the course-outline, the second time will be to hand out a CAT straight out of Mars and the third time will be during the exam time. They never give low marks.

Clueless and boring

This one became a lecturer and is still shocked that they even got an interview in the first place.

They have no idea what the course is about. Ergo, the handouts are their best friends.

They dictate the handouts and read them in a monotone, putting the entire class to sleep. They constantly call for group work during classes. They cannot lecture for more than ten minutes to save their life.


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