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Nyashinski’s Bebi Bebi sheds light on an important issue in today’s society
By Phanuel Bill | Updated Feb 23, 2018 at 14:17 EAT
Bebi Bebi is available on YouTube.
  • Nyashinsky's new love song Bebi Bebi up to international standards
  • It tackles the issue of ‘Sponsors’ which is highly controversial 
  • Sponsors are responsible for wrecking thousands of young relationships

For most people, Valentines’ Day was just a normal day like any other. What made it special for music lovers across the country was the release of artist Nyashinski’s mega-hit, Bebi Bebi, on that very day. As always, it was no surprise that it was an instant hit and everything about it was up to international standards. That is the pedigree that Nyash has built ever since he resurfaced in the local scene with a fresh new sound.

As expected for a song that dropped on Feb 14th, Bebi Bebi is all about love. It also tackles the issue of ‘Sponsors’ which has been highly controversial for almost a year now. Sponsors are the new breed of rich (or rich-looking) older men who are using their financial status to gain sexual favors from young girls at the peril of their male peers and spouses. Sponsors are responsible for wrecking thousands of young relationships.

But it won’t happen again; not if Nyashinski can help it. As a cry from the boy child’s point of view, he begs the girl to hold on just a little longer. Things may be a little tough now but in the end, it always works out. The big break is coming. The temptation from sponsors is massive but if you really value what you have, you won’t compromise it for anything.

These words may not mean much when the landlord comes knocking or you are sleeping on an empty stomach but when you have found true love, it is worth everything and more.

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