The poor state of roads in Eastlands, Nairobi

Kenya Urban Roads Authority and Nairobi County engineers need to put first public interest when developing roads, commuters in Eastland area of Nairobi are suffering.

It's sad that government engineers from the above-mentioned institutions collude with contractors by not following bill quantities and tender guidance when implementing most roads project.

When looking for the allocation set aside for most roads projects in Eastland area of Nairobi for rehabilitation and routine maintenance you will be shocked when you compare with work done and allocation set aside to implement them.

Stealing of bitumen and supplying of substandard material which does not pass through a material test for inspection again is the major reason why most roads do not last.

Contractors and government engineers meant to supervise projects are growing richer while the consumer who is the tax payer's are suffering because of poor services offered to them.

Kenyans are losing a lot of money, contractors and engineers need to behave kindly put the public interest first when implementing projects.