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Six matatu experiences that will ruin your commute
By Fred Muriuki | Updated Feb 06, 2018 at 13:49 EAT
Inside a Kenyan matatu [COURTESY]
  • Kenyan matatu industry stands out fro its pimped vehicles 
  • One cannot mention the industry without remembering ugly encounters that come with it
  • From unruly conductors to behaved passengers, matatus give commuters a hard time

Matatus are a cheaply affordable means of moving around the city and, just like anything that comes cheap, you can’t dictate the experience aboard. Bordered by all mannerisms of passengers, matatus expose one to all kinds of torture. If your typical day involves getting around the city in them, you have definitely encountered one of these unbearable habits.

The sleepy co-passenger

There are people who never have enough of their sleep or are on a constantly busy schedule. This makes them extend their bedtime in the matatu and sitting next to them is no fun. Your shoulder becomes their pillow. You will be lucky if they don’t drool on you. The snoring does not help things either

Arrogant conductor

Matatus touts are known to treat passengers in the most uncouth of ways. From hiking the fare en route to holding up your change, some touts are just rude and always in constant scuffles with passengers. There are those who ask passengers to jump off the matatu while it’s still in motion.

Those who love their radio loudspeaker

There are people who love to listen to their radio speaker as they move about in public. If you happen to sit next to this lot, you will be forced to listen to the news and a horde of other things that might not be pleasing to you.

The ones who love to converse

Imagine seating next to someone who has an opinion on anything they see or listen to. They engage you in a conversation even when you show them you are not interested. If you are the introvert who relish your own quiet, you don’t want to play audience to the opinion expert.

Those who wear too much cologne

There are those who enjoy way too much of their own fragrance. They binge-spray every morning to boost their self-confidence or whatever the motive is. Either way, you don’t want to sit next to them especially if you are the kind that is naturally allergic to most perfume products.

The drunk

Drunks are seldom aboard, but they will not give you peace when you travel with them. They are often unruly and will not heed any attempt to restrain them. They will hurl obscenities at every slight provocation and engage the tout in arguments about their bus fare before snoring and drooling on your shoulder. You will come across these at the end month or on Friday during payday.

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