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Seven common signs of low libido in women
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Mar 17, 2018 at 13:19 EAT
Sexual dysfunction affects women too
  • Women just like men go through sexual dysfunction but many do not know what they are going through
  • Identifying sexual dysfunction is helpful since the cause can be dealt with early enough

At least 40 percent of women have had problems with sexual dysfunction according to surveys. These problems revolve around lack of desire to get intimate, failure to enjoy sex or even lack of orgasms.

Unlike in men, a sexual problem in women takes time to surface making it harder to diagnosis or treat. This in most cases makes women feel inadequate in relationships often blaming themselves for not living it up to their partners' desires.

While the causes may not entirely be their doing, women would be in a better position if they understood why they feel the way they feel towards intimacy. Failure to this may lead to low esteem.

Identifying what sexual dysfunction is, its cause and handling is, therefore, important knowledge for every woman.

Below are signs of sexual problem in women;

Repulsion towards sexual activities

This often comes as a result of feeling inadequate. A woman in this state fears or despises getting intimate as they feel they may not reciprocate what is given to them. Hate towards sexual activities follows the fear as they feel they are lacking in what everyone else is able to do.

Vaginal dryness

This may happen from hormonal changes that occur during breastfeeding or menopause or simply lack of drive to engage. Once a woman’s body is tuned to have sex, their woman parts are expected to react by getting wet. When this goes wrong, the vagina remains dry meaning her body is not ready to engage.

Painful sex

As a result of dryness in her parts, a woman will experience pain if anyone tries to have sex with her. This is because her body is not ready to take part and anything that goes through her vulva is doing so against her body’s will. The dryness will cause friction which is obviously hurtful to her hence sex will not be anything close to fun.

Low desire

Women, like men, have desires as part of their natural reactions to things or people. When a woman’s body fails to respond with a desire to something or someone she should, it is a pointer that she is experiencing some sexual hitch.

Trouble reaching orgasms

At least every sex act should end with a mind-blowing orgasm for both women and men. When a woman, therefore, fails on several occasions to reach the big O, there is some trouble with her sexual dynamics. When it is the duty of both partners to make this happen, failure after trying hard should be viewed as a red flag that all is not well.

Inability to fantasize

Women are dreamy beings, naturally. Women are able to build romantic situations in their heads and dwell in them. When one, however, loses the ability to fantasize or make a sexual fairy in their mind, it means they feel disconnected to romance and anything that comes with it. While not every woman will spend time having romantic wishes in their heads, the once in a while time is normal and its absence is an indication that something is amiss.

Arousal problems

During intimacy, a woman’s body is wired to react to stimulation by a partner as soon as foreplay is introduced. Failure to ‘rise’ to the occasion means that the woman’s body is incapable of response which then should be handled as a dysfunction in that sector.

Fear or anger towards partners

Many women, not knowing why they are not up to the task of matching their partners in lovemaking opt to retreat to a cocoon where they start treating the partners as their ‘enemies’. Without knowing why they are in that situation, they see their partners as the causes of their current situation and opt to keep a distance between them.

These signs often show up in random patterns for different women but having all or a combination of some is clear indication that a woman needs to see her doctor to see the cause of her sexual dysfunction.

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