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Church elder caught cheating in lodging
By The Grapevine | Updated Nov 14, 2017 at 07:34 EAT
Wife caught husband cheating
  • A 63-year-old church elder was caught cheating in a lodging, by his wife.
  • The man had lied to her that he was going to a vigil.

A woman in the city sought intervention from a journalist in the middle of the night after she nabbed her husband in a lodging with another woman.

She explained that the man, 63, is a church elder in one of the city's major churches. According to the woman, the man informed her that he was attending a men prayers' meeting until late but she was alerted that he was, in fact, holding his night vigil with a side dish instead.

She wanted the man exposed for betraying their 24-year-old marriage. 

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