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Mutahi Ngunyi causes a stir on social media after saying Kalonzo will betray Raila
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 12, 2017 at 13:46 EAT
Ngunyi says Kalonzo will betray Raila
  • Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi says that Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka will eventually betray NASA leader Raila Odinga.
  • His tweet caused many Kenyans to comment, some sharing his sentiments while others condemned him.

Political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi has once again come out to speak his thought about the fate of the Opposition leaders.

Mutahi, through his Youtube channel, Fort Hall school of Government, the Fifth Estate says that Raila’s Revolution is an attempt to cover up for defeat.

Students of law from the channel say that although National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders asked their supporters to shift from the big telecommunication company Safaricom, they are still using the services.

They said that they confirmed this by sending Ksh 2 to the NASA M-Pesa pay bill number as a modest contribution and their contribution was well received.

Mutahi, popular for his tyranny of numbers quote said that Raila’s fifth attempt to attain Presidency and his boycott of the process will be remembered. He said Raila's withdrawal from the race was self-interests driven.

His tweet following this video drew many comments from Kenyans on Twitter especially because he quoted Wiper Democratic Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

Here is Mutahi's tweet;

Wapi KALONZO? He Brokered PEACE in South SUDAN. Will he become a WAR MONGER?No. He will BETRAY Raila.My 72nd Column. https://t.co/TQzBsif9oh— Mutahi Ngunyi (@MutahiNgunyi) November 6, 2017

These are some of the responses he evoked;

@skmusyoka is hiding in Germany, @UKenyatta paid hospital bill for his alleged sick wife,Raila pledged 100k— Uhuru Tano Tena (@cmajau_) November 6, 2017

Unfortunately, Kalonzo is pale shadow of his former self. He cannot broker peace btw 2 warring male cockroaches fighting over a female roach

— Simba Hasheem (@hasheem_simba) November 6, 2017

SORRY mr TYRANNY, H. E Kalonzo with OUR backing shall NOT BROKER but PUSH for JUSTICE And PEACE to prevail in our KENYA— Sir_ shadrack mutua (@mutuashadd) November 6, 2017

Kalonzo LEFT NASA.
Babu is alone in a non starter resistance that is being overshadowed by events everyday. His followers are getting tired pic.twitter.com/OZuVyiLnPI— 6th President Kenya (@mwana_nchi) November 6, 2017

He is in Germany attending to sick spouse. He is 'laying low like envelope'! Never wish ill to others, Vengeance belong to God.— Catherine Racquel (@Wajoyalex) November 6, 2017

Betrayal achia Judas...kalonzo yuko ndani! ndani! ndani! ka NYS loot kwa account yako!!!— Kevin Oguna (@kevoninz15) November 6, 2017

You are good at peddling doubts— The Poster (@ThePostconner) November 6, 2017

you call fighting for electoral reforms war mongering! We will not be cowed by those who'll pull out #Resistyoprodct— daddeh onsombi (@daddehz) November 6, 2017

Kalonzo wants to be remembered as a top diplomat rather than a terrorist. He is wiser. Only a fool who tests the depth of a river with two feet.— Kiana (@Jteai) November 8, 2017

Kalonzo is there inNRM to stay for liberation of Kenya.— Fred Ogega (@OgegaFred) November 7, 2017

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