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Words to say when breaking up with your partner
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Oct 16, 2017 at 09:45 EAT
Breaking up is not as esasy as it looks
  • When a relationship doesn't work, someone has to step in and tell the other person that they want out.
  • Saying this is not usually easy and people end up saying things that they didn't mean to say.
  • There are simple ways in which one can breakup with their partner without having to source for words.

It is exhausting when a relationship you have invested much in lacks direction. Before you end the intimacy you want to no drama that comes with break-ups. You want to sound modest, kind and nice but you do not know how to go about it. Here are top ten break-up lines you can use to end a relationship.

It is over

You want to be brief, to the point and be understood. For example, name it is over between you and me. Leave immediately after saying this to avoid having to answer to questions.

Find someone else

Three dates back to back has proved right that he is not the one, you can end things with this line time when both of you are in a middle of a conversation and there is an awkward silence and drop the bombshell.

We cannot work

You have known him for a week and he is already giving you sleepless nights with unending phone calls and you cannot tolerate the habit. Text him this line.

I made a mistake

This works when you value the friendship and you do not want to burn bridges. Use it in a middle of a sentence to be more effective for example “I made a mistake and I am not ready for a relationship this meaningful."

I need to concentrate on my studies

You have sent hints that you’re no longer interested and want a break-up but he fails to notice, give him this reason.

You deserve someone better

Somehow you feel you will need his friendship in future, keep him in the friend-zone.

I have been using you

This is the meanest way of telling the person to leave you alone. It burns all bridges and leaves him feeling bad about himself.

You are more of a brother/sister

When the persistence starts to bother you and just want to end things in a nice, polite way.

Am not of you league

To make him feel proud whenever he sees you, to soothe his ego and make him feel he is way beyond your league even though he is not.

I need to move on

Make him feel that things are not moving well and you see it for both of you to quit.

Breakup is hard and choosing the right lines will determine the relationship that the two of you will have thereafter.

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