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Men these are the signs that you should not be dating her
By Brian Rop | Updated Aug 12, 2017 at 09:44 EAT
An unhappy couple
  • Some women can be difficult especially when it comes to dating.
  • Dating someone who annoys you will only makes things go sour in your relationship

It is an indispensable aspect of a man’s social life to be in relationship, either with someone they genuinely adore or someone they just lie to until they find a better one or when she says we need to talk one fine morning, and out of the blues. The sponsor equation has tilted the math against hard working gentlemen, who have had their hearts broken by these monied and potbellied grandparents. But such is life. It is not supposed to be fair at all. As a man there are pointers in life that will be ultimately unfair when beginning a relationship, a serious one for that matter. Yours truly is not a relationship expert but knows a relationship is headed for the murky end with these signs.

She judges strangers a lot

The two of you are walking in the streets alongside a hoard of people minding their own business. You are immersed in a conversation that you won’t even recall a few minutes later, when she interrupts you and exclaims: ‘look at that chic! Why would anyone wear such kind of clothes?’ At that point you should stop and ask yourself the relevance of such a question. If she can judge strangers how about the people she knows? Run away from her dear friend.

She has no goals at all in life

She has no idea where she is, where she is going or what motivates her except that breathing is free. Your conversations are reduced to the most trivial things as politics and football, things she has no idea about. She has absolutely no hobbies except to be by your side all day long. And she can’t understand why you didn’t text back because in her mind everyone is as idle as she is, without goals, without dreams-just to eat and let live.

She texts, calls all the time

She texts more than five times in an hour, of course because she has no goals and hobbies. You are her entire world and that is a sign of insecurity, a sign of someone who was hugged enough while growing up. Because you are busy man, such kind of calls are a disruption to you, which she will interpret it as your lack of care and interest in her or worse yet imply you are out hobnobbing with other lasses. Such kind of neediness should be a warning sign that the future is bleak.

She asks for little favours like airtime, smokies

Even before you officially register interest in her, she’s already asking for airtime or bundles. She be like ‘nibuyie airtime woyie’ and as a gentleman that you may think you are, you oblige thinking that after all twenty bob is nothing. She will outgrow that twenty shillings sooner rather than later or if she sticks around you’ll be the one footing fare every damn time she wants to visit you. You can agree here that nothing sucks like paying fare for a woman-she may never show up at all. It’s a game of chance, even if she insists on how much she loves you.

She is highly opinionated

She has opinions, very strong ones, which more often than not are not up for discussions. If ugali sucks it sucks, no further discussions. You will always be the one having to compromise a lot in the relationship which is giving a little too much for almost nothing. She will dictate the movies you watch, the food… what a sorry kind of life?


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