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STR8UP Live's Chero opens up about her life in campus, relationships
By Esther Muchene | Updated Aug 03, 2017 at 10:39 EAT
Live TV show host Chero Oywa
  • Chero Oywa is a media personality who has hosted several entertainment shows and is known for her unique and daring hair styles.
  • The mother of one is currently the STR8UP Live show host.

Growing up, you wanted to be... An air hostess because that is what my neighbour was and she always looked so chic.

But currently, you are... TV host and presenter for the Str8up Live show on KTN.

If your parents had their way... I would have been a doctor.

Which college/university did you attend? Montgomery College in Maryland, United States.

What did you major on? Pediatrics.

Any classes skipped... Oh yes! Too much partying. So any class before noon was out.

The worst lecturer was... Philosophy lecturer.

Toughest unit... Philosophy. I just didn’t get it. It was like my brain couldn’t figure out the right answers. I was always way off.

Passing exams meant... Library time... more discipline there.

Your best campus experience was? Acting classes and making memorable and friends and building relationships.

Dating experience... Nothing serious. It was almost non-existent.

What did you hate about campus? Evening classes.

If I could go back to college and turn back the hand of time... I would not skip exams.

To make some extra cash in campus meant... Braiding basketball players’ hair like Iverson and babysitting toddlers.

Campus friends... We still keep in touch thanks to social media

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